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5 lessons from my first six months of residency

As I glance out the window and take a sip of my morning coffee, I’m handed a medical history for the patient that has just […]

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USC dental student seeks to bridge gap between dentistry and LGBTQ patients

Los Angeles Schweitzer Fellow and University of Southern California dental student Jonathan Nguyen hopes to empower LGBTQ people to take control of their health care […]

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Center for Professional Success

Course helps dentists learn work in long-term care facilities

New dentists interested in learning more about dental care for older older adults in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and senior centers can register for […]

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What to remember when you finally start practicing

Ever feel like you’re in a whirlwind traveling at the speed of light? Sometimes that’s what it’s like running a dental practice, especially your first […]

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Work-Life Balance

Recognizing when your life is out of balance (and how to get it back)

Are you balancing your life or is stress taking its toll? Take a look at these warning signs of someone who is out of balance: […]

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Webinar: Strategic approaches to managing dental school debt

Got student loan questions? The ADA and DRB made available a recording of a one-hour webinar about general loan refinance options. The session, led by […]

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