Licensure Reform

On dental licensure exams, the elephant has had enough

People can’t stop talking about dental licensure. What has been dentistry’s elephant in the room for so long has finally grown tired of being ignored […]

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ADA, ASDA want Congress to support dental student borrowers

Washington — In an effort to improve the borrowing rate on dental student loans, the Association has joined forces with the American Student Dental Association […]

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How to fight fraud in your dental office

As a new dentist, there are plenty of issues to worry about. But one is a thing you might not expect. Fraud. “I never thought […]

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My New Dentist Life: Confessions of a CE junkie

Hello! My name is Emily and I am a CE Junkie. At least that’s what we used to call it in dental school – it’s […]

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ADA calls for increased licensure portability

Decisions by some dental state boards on the licensure exam has revived calls by the ADA and partnering organizations for state boards across the country […]

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Getting to know you: Dr. Brianna Hillier

Dr. Brianna Hillier is a general dentist in Elfrida, Arizona. Why dentistry? I knew I wanted to be a health care provider from a young […]

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