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Chris Salierno

Here’s How They Did It — Real Talk from Dentists in Private Practice

Dr. Chris Salierno

Dr. Chris Salierno

Operations, human resources, finances, marketing — there is so much that goes into being an owner. If you missed the new dentist panel discussion about the nitty-gritty of private practice ownership, you can stream it at ADA.org/ADA365, the online extension of ADA13. Access to ADA365 is free to ADA members; non-members can sign up for $50.

Both dentists who bought into an existing practice and dentists who started practices from scratch were represented on the panel, moderated by Dr. Chris Salierno. The group tackled topics ranging from patient recall to search engine optimization, addressing all those non-clinical skills that aren’t a part of school, but are critical to your success. Stream the entire program at ADA.org/ADA365.

Real Talk from New Dentists in Private Practice

Dr. Jill McMahon

Dr. Jill McMahon

The panel discussion Real Talk from New Dentists in Private Practice just concluded. The wide-ranging conversation covered topics from improving efficiency to marketing the practice.

According to the most recent ADA Survey of Dental Practice just over 88% of dentists are owners, either as solo practitioners or partners. For almost every dentist, ownership becomes a consideration at some point in his or her career.

Earlier this year ADA New Dentist News spoke with several new dentists who were new to practice ownership to get their suggestions on how to approach ownership. Dr. Jill McMahon, who graduated from dental school in 2007, is not just the first dentist in her family, she’s also the first small business owner.

“At first it was scary, thinking about all the new responsibilities, and of course the new financial obligations that go with ownership,” Dr. McMahon remembers. “What helped a lot was connecting with other dentists who were in my situation and realizing that if they could do it, I could do it too!”

If you are attending the 2013 ADA Annual Session, you have lots of opportunities to connect with other new dentists. But if you aren’t at the meeting, what’s on your action plan to make sure you can get that real talk from other new dentists exploring their private practice options? Share your suggestions in the comments. And if you don’t have any networking events on your calendar, may we suggest the 2014 New Dentist Conference July 17-19 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Follow the New Dentist Track

Follow the New Dentist Track at Annual Session

Follow the New Dentist Track at Annual Session

Let’s face it—planning your CE courses at ADA Annual Session can be a little daunting with over 300 lectures and interactive learning events to choose from. Where do you start?

May we suggest the New Dentist Track? These 21 courses were selected in consultation with the ADA New Dentist Committee, and they cover both clinical and practice management topics.

One course in the track is Here’s How I Did It: Real Talk from New Dentists in Private Practice (Course Code: 5317), a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Chris Salierno. This open-forum course focuses on practice management for the new dentist. Audience members will submit questions from the floor. The course addresses practice management topics such as operations, financial management, marketing and human resources.

Important All courses – even free ones, like Here’s How I Did It – are ticketed and must be reserved through the registration system. Join the conversation; register today.

Make the Most out of Your New Orleans Experience

The New Dentist's Guide to the ADA Annual Session Make the most of your experience at the ADA Annual Session October 31-November 3, 2013 in New Orleans. Download this two page PDF that highlights everything you need to get the most from your Annual Session experience:

 Download The New Dentist’s Guide to the ADA Annual Session (PDF)

Haven’t registered yet? Advance registration deadline is Friday, September 20 at 5 p.m. CDT. Register Now.

Not attending this year? Visit ADA 365, the online extension of the Annual Session. Through ADA 365 the ADA will offer live streaming of a variety of Annual Session courses and give you a taste of what attendees experience on-site.

The ADA New Dentist Conference 2013–Some Pictures!

Having a great time at the 2013 New Dentist Conference

Having a great time at the 2013 New Dentist Conference

Learning more at the 2013 New Dentist Conference

Learning more at the 2013 New Dentist Conference

Chatting with vendors at the 2013 New Dentist Conference

Chatting with vendors at the 2013 New Dentist Conference

Serious discussion at the 2013 New Dentist Conference

A serious discussion at the 2013 New Dentist Conference

Earning CE credits at the 2013 New Dentist Conference

Earning CE credits at the 2013 New Dentist Conference



Dr Brandon Seto at the 2013 New Dentist Conference

Dr Brandon Seto at the 2013 New Dentist Conference

Leadership is Asking “What Needs to be Done?”

Dr. Chris SaliernoA full day of leadership programming is underway now at the ADA 27th New Dentist Conference. If you are joining us later this weekend for networking and CE, we’re looking forward to seeing you! Don’t forget to follow the conference at #NDC2013

Dr. Chris Salierno kicked things off, welcoming the crowd and introducing national leaders. Leadership is a big deal for new dentists, and an important topic for us here at New Dentist Now. The famous management consultant Peter Drucker said, “Successful leaders don’t start out asking, ‘What do I want to do?’ They ask, ‘What needs to be done?’”

Over at the blog for Psychology Today, they outline 7 Things Successful Leaders Do Differently. Here’s the first item on their list:

They put relationships first. Successful leaders not only build networks, but they also nurture the connections they make. They make time for their clients and colleagues. They make time for people they mentor. They make time for their personal relationships.

Where have you made the relationships that matter most to you? Leave your answer in the comments.

Welcome to New Dentist Now!

Dr. Chris Saliernoby Dr. Chris Salierno

This is the official blog of the American Dental Association’s New Dentist Committee. It’s the first blog ever for the ADA!  It makes sense that this committee is taking the lead into blogging because our generation relies on social media for almost everything, both personal and professional.  We want the blog to be a source of useful info and also a great way to connect with people just like yourself.

The first ten years of practice are filled with unique challenges and opportunities. When we graduate dental school, there are so many possible paths.  Should we complete a residency or apply for a job right away?  What if we want to join academics and teach dental students?  How can we join the Public Health Service or the military?  Or maybe take the leap into practice ownership?  Whatever your path, the ADA offers resources to help you be successful.

I’ve served on the New Dentist Committee at the national level for four incredible years. In that time, I’ve been able to see what the ADA does for us each day. They fight the political battles that one dentist could never fight alone. They protect the doctor-patient relationship. They provide the latest clinical information to dentists and educate the public. And because the great majority of dentists belong to the ADA we get great tangible benefits, too.  (I’m thinking ADA-sponsored Members Insurance Plans as a great example.)

Dentistry remains a great profession, and we have so many options to practice the way we want to, thanks to the work of ADA leaders who came before us.

And now it’s our turn.

I invite you to follow the New Dentist Now blog.  Be an active participant in the future of our profession. Help us debate and shape policy.  As we talk about life as a new dentist today, share your own experiences and perspectives. The conversation starts… now!