open mouthWhen you are looking for an employment opportunity, remember that the job interview is a two-way street, with both parties assessing each other.

Dr. Ryan Dulde has put together a list of 30 Interview Questions for Finding the Right Fit. It’s worth checking out the entire list — Dr. Dulde not only suggests the questions, but often explains the underlying information you hope to learn by asking a particular question in the first place.

Here’s one that grabbed our attention:

To what extent do you expect an associate to be engaged in marketing in the community, volunteering, etc.? What is expected from an associate in terms of representing the practice? Be sure to ask yourself this too! How much time outside of the 8-5, if any, are you prepared to contribute to grow the practice …even as an employee?

Is there any question that you asked (or didn’t ask) that made a difference when assessing a job opportunity? Let us know in the comments.